About Everyday Adventure

Everyday Adventure started in 2015 as a commitment between friends to push each other into living more memorable lives. Since then, we’ve scaled cloud-covered peaks, swum in frozen lakes and camped on precarious cliff edges. We’ve pushed ourselves beyond comfortable limits and come home with stories to tell.

More recently, we’ve been asked to tell these stories for others. Combining our skills in photography, videography, copywriting and design, we’ve created content for some of the UK’s most beloved brands to inspire an audience. Just as we’re always looking for the next adventure, we’re also always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to do it. We believe that all the best stories start with adventure and we’d like to show you how to use it to your advantage.


Jake Baggaley

Professional photographer and competitive trail runner, Jake has travelled the world in search of the perfect mountain pass. When he’s not taking photos or urging his body up near vertical climbs, Jake designs stunning websites (like this one) and tries to convince us all to join him on epic feats of endurance.



Matthew Bowen

Journalist-turned-marketing-man, Matthew writes stories for a living. He relies heavily on a can-do attitude when it comes to endurance challenges and is easily convinced into spur-of-the-moment adventures. As long as there’s a story in it, you can count Matthew in.  




Nick Street

Filmmaker and spontaneous adventurer, Nick excels at making the ordinary, extraordinary. Whether this means taking a dip in a frozen river in mid-January or climbing a precarious rockface to get a better shot, Nick rejects routine and health and safety guidance at every given opportunity.



Joe Baggaley

Web developer and bonafide perfectionist, Joe applies the same meticulous attention to detail to making websites as he does to packing his bag.  Renowned for his ability to see a task through, Joe won’t sign up to anything he doesn’t believe he can finish and is often the voice of reason on longer trips.